Evergreen Outdoor Center

定休日 Irregular

営業時間 08:30 ~ 17:00

Hakuba Hokujyo 4377

Tel. 090-1405-6109 / Tel. 0261-85-0076

The mission of Evergreen Outdoor Center is to allow for the growth and development of the human spirit through personal interaction with the natural environment, personal challenge and teamwork, and through always accommodating individual needs while maintaining a high standard of safety.

The three main pillars that support every action that Evergreen Outdoor Center takes are:

Ecological sustainability; in the programs that we provide for our guests and with in all administrative decisions.

Outdoor experiential education; to increase awareness in our own very unique potential as well as the unique natural ecosystems that we visit and recreate with in.

Cultural awareness and acceptance; of the communities that we work within and visit as well as the views and cultural robustness of our guests and employees.