Vision and goals


To be a sustainable mountain ecotourism destination,
a sanctuary rich in nature and humanity

・Protect the mountains, snow and water of the Northern Japan Alps, home to all kinds of life
・Make use of the abundant resources of nature to locally produce food and energy
・Create a community where residents and visitors alike respect one another, enjoy the natural environment and are truly happy
・Build a better society by implementing innovative technological solutions while drawing from the wisdom of ourancestors
・Learn and collaborate so we can leave a better and more sustainable world to the future generations

Long-Term Goals (By 2030, when the U.N. aims to achieve the SDGs)

All Hakuba Valley business operators will be actively utilizing their SDGs Action List, and Hakuba Valley will be a world-class sanctuary of mountain ecotourism.

Medium-Term Goals (By 2025)

All HAKUBAVALLEY businesses will have received and begun working on their SDGs Action List. As climate crisis is the greatest and most urgent threat facing the natural environment of the Northern Japan Alps, climate crisis efforts will be prioritized, and HAKUBAVALLEY will be a trailblazer in Japan for its efforts as a sustainable resort. ・Snow resorts: Begin the transition to renewable energy ・Accommodations, food and drink establishments, retail businesses, and activity providers: Achieve 15 Action List items related to climate change